How to maximize scalability, performance, & usability of embedded devices with Renesas and Crank

Maximize Performance Scalability and Usability of Embedded Devices Powered by Renesas RZG2L (3)

As technology advances, so do the expectations that users have with the products you develop.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is your system architected to adapt to technological changes? Are you able to cost-effectively introduce a new product line with a similar experience? Can you easily alter the user experience without having to completely overhaul the application code?

If you design embedded products from the very beginning with scalability in mind, you’ll be able to move from powerful, high-end silicon to a lower-priced variant, or switch to new hardware with ease when the time is right or to address evolving market expectations.

Join global embedded hardware leaders Renesas and the embedded GUI experts from Crank as we explore how you can make your embedded products more adaptable to changes in design.

During this session, you’ll learn:


Featured Speakers:

  • TJ Mueller - Product Marketing and Business Development Manager, Renesas
  • Rodney Dowdall - Manager of Product Development, Crank
  • Scott Snider - Product Marketing Manager, Crank

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