How to build your next killer embedded GUI.

Crank Software's eBook cover: Building your next killer embedded UI

The no-nonsense guide to creating high volume, high margin consumer goods with sophisticated interfaces.

The face of consumer goods is quite literally changing. Consumers – now accustomed to graphically rich and intuitive interfaces on their phones –are no longer satisfied with appliances that blink 12:00. Manufacturers are now challenged to meet consumer expectations (with slick-looking GUIs on inexpensive hardware) while maintaining good margins.

This e-book looks at this next wave in the consumer market, the challenges that come from creating products that are at once sexy and cheap, and ways that you can turn your low-end products into ROI superstars.

Download this ebook and learn:

  • the four critical consumer expectations that must be taken into account when designing an embedded UI with touch screen
  • how to reduce your software development timeline
  • how to select the silicon and software to differentiate your product
  • the two sure-fire ways to break into the mass-market success sweet spot
  • how to determine if your product is a good candidate for adding a touch screen
  • the checklist for embedded GUI design success

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