How to build your next killer embedded UI


What you get in this e-book

Four user expectations that open wallets

Create successful products by taking these criteria into account.

Selecting silicon

Get an understanding of hardware criteria and a comparison of the top microcontrollers.

Choosing a GUI tool 

Learn how to pick the right embedded GUI development software and get a comparison of the top tools.

Touchscreen checklist

From budgets to RAM requirements, decide whether a touchscreen upgrade is right for your product.

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The faces of consumer and commercial goods are changing.

Now accustomed to graphically rich and intuitive interfaces on their phones, users are no longer satisfied with dumb appliances and equipment without screens.

Manufacturers are challenged to meet user expectations with slick-looking GUIs on inexpensive hardware, while maintaining good margins.

This e-book looks at this next wave in product design, the challenges that come from creating devices that are at once sexy and cheap, and ways to turn your low-end products into ROI superstars.

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Connecting functionality and design

Today's buyer preferences are determined by the quality of the user experience. Therefore, designers and developers that work together are better positioned to create products that are both attractive and functional, whether it's a consumer wearable or industrial kitchen oven.


Planning for scale

Users want the same experience across their devices and manufacturers want to spend less effort doing so. Choosing hardware that's within similar product families and a GUI tool that scales across them (or even between vendors) ensures a longer life for your brand.


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