Powering sophisticated embedded GUI development

with Storyboard 7.0

Introduction to Storyboard 7.0 Webinar (1)

Join Crank Software's Lead Product Architect, Rodney Dowdall, as he demonstrates all the great new enhancements introduced within Storyboard 7.0.


With an increased focus on creating smaller, yet powerful embedded devices, the ability to develop rich engaging experiences that enable users to do more on tightly-resourced hardware can be challenging.

Storyboard helps embedded teams overcome this challenge by enabling the development of sophisticated, power-efficient GUI applications, such as those found in the lifestyle-driven wearable device market.

With several key enhancements including the introduction of automatic table looping removing the need to have to manually write code to do it, screen transitioning via a screen drag for control of when and how screens are transitioned to, gradients not tied to a canvas making it possible to rendered on MCU platforms, and imported SVG files rasterized on export to reduce performance requirements during runtime, Storyboard makes it even easier to power sophisticated, yet tightly-resourced GUIs that are ideal for power-efficient hardware.

In this video, you get to see this and many other new enhancements in action. Join us to learn how Storyboard 7.0 can assist you:

  • Create distinctive GUI applications that today’s modern consumer craves
  • Speed up GUI application development with support for design-friendly formats, such as SVG
  • Import high-fidelity Sketch designs at a click of a button within the Storyboard environment
  • Develop and rich user interfaces for power-efficient MCU devices

Your storyboard experts

Rodney Dowdall, Storyboard Lead Product Architect, Crank Software
Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager


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