UI Development Validation Made Easier with Storyboard 6.2


Join Crank Software's Lead Product Architect, Rodney Dowdall, as he demonstrates all the great new enhancements introduced within Storyboard 6.2.


This includes the introduction of TCP/IP support for Storyboard IO Connector. Connecting and injecting events over the network effectively decouples the need for the UI and back-end to be physically deployed onto the embedded target and enables the UI being developed to be tested across multiple target devices easily.

Another advantage is that UI designers no longer need to wait on the back-end development work to be 100% complete in order to validate that the UI works the way it is intended, helping accelerate UI development and ultimately faster time to market for products.
In this webinar, you get to see this and many other new enhancements in action. Join us to learn how Storyboard 6.2 can assist you:

  • Simplify the testing and validation of UIs being developed
  • Gain actionable insight into resource usage and design elements that may be impacting the experience of your UI being developed
  • Create and deploy rich user interfaces for smaller memory-constrained MCU devices

Rodney Dowdall, Storyboard Lead Product Architect, Crank Software
Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager, Crank Software

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