Leveraging Storyboard Components to Speed up GUI Development 

Components AUT Webinar

Join Rodney Dowdall, Manager of Product Development, as he discusses how to access and customize already pre-built components within Storyboard for faster GUI application development.

When faced with tight project deadlines anything that you can do or leverage to meet (or even exceed) milestones can be advantageous.  

This is where leveraging pre-built components can help you get started quickly on the development of GUI applications without the need to spend time coding. However, since no two GUI applications are the same being able to modify pre-built or custom-built components makes them a valuable asset when trying to get to market on time. 

Join Crank Software to learn how easy it can be to reuse components in your next development project.

What you will learn about:

  • Where components can be found and how new ones can be created
  • How to modify existing components to make them reusable in GUI applications
  • Resizing components for use within different sized projects

Your storyboard experts

Rodney Dowdall, Manager of Product Development, Crank Software


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