Creating Cleaner Embedded GUI Application Code with Object-Oriented Lua

Lua AUT Webinar (2)

Join Matt Love, Storyboard Application Architect, as he discusses how Object-Oriented Lua can improve software-development productivity and shares key tips on how best to incorporate it into your next Storyboard-based GUI application project.

While Lua is not typically considered an object-oriented language, it is possible to create “objects or classes” by placing functions and related data into tables.

Not only does this boost the productivity of embedded GUI application development through re-usability, improved troubleshooting, and reduced redundancy, but also enables you to create cleaner lines of code for your embedded GUI applications.

What you will learn about:

  • What is Object-Oriented Lua
  • How to write it
  • Core benefits it provides embedded GUI application development
  • Best practices for implementing it with your new Storyboard project

Your storyboard experts

Matt Love, Senior Application Architect, Crank Software


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