Architecting UIs To Maximize Scalability, Performance, & Usability On The STM32 Platform


Join us for an overview of STM32 hardware and Storyboard in a live webinar, put on by our team of experts.

Is your system architected to adapt to change? Are you able to easily introduce a new product line with a similar experience? Can you alter how users interact with your application without having to overhaul the communication with the backend?

If you build your embedded product from the very beginning with scalability in mind, you’ll be able to move from a high-end STM32MP1 to a lower-priced STM32 MCU (or vice versa) with ease when the time is right for the introduction of a new mass-market product.

Join us for a 1-hour webinar to learn how Crank Software’s Storyboard application has been helping embedded products built using STMicroelectronics hardware to stand the test of time, be scalable, and be resilient to design change.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about what sets STMicroelectronics STM32 devices apart from other processors
  • Learn how we built the Storyboard communication model to be scalable, adaptable, and optimized across platforms
  • See a live demo of STM32 hardware and Storyboard created UIs
  • Discover how Storyboard can help accelerate UI development while embracing product iterations that naturally occur
  • Explore Storyboard features that help teams create embedded experiences that stand the test of time


Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager, Crank Software

Soren Mikkelsen, Business Development Engineer for STM32 Graphics, STM 

Garry Clarkson, Field Application Engineer, Crank Software


Watch the on-demand webinar

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