A look at Storyboard 6.0


Join Crank Software's Vice President of R&D, Thomas Fletcher, as he demonstrates the new features and capabilities in Storyboard 6.0 for optimized and easier GUI development. 

Storyboard provides a faster way to create best-in-class user interfaces across the widest range of embedded devices, from resource-constrained MCUs to high-powered MPUs. Built with scalability and resource management at the forefront, Storyboard 6.0 empowers teams to build modern UIs on budget and on time, regardless of the target platform.

In this webinar, you get to see Storyboard 6.0 in action! Join us as Thomas uses live product demos to showcase the latest features that allow you to:


Thomas Fletcher, VP, Research & Development, Crank Software

Jason Clarke, VP, Sales & Marketing, Crank Software


July 10, 2019 11 AM EDT

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