How Design States Make GUI Development Easier

Design States How They Make GUI Development Easier

Join Mike Marchand, AMETEK Crank Software Developer, as he discusses useful techniques of using Design States when it comes to creating GUI applications.


As embedded devices evolve sometimes their GUI can require complex application designs. Whether it’s dynamic behavior, heavy use of animations, or simply numerous screens, the depth of the application can make it a challenge to work on. In particular, when the content that needs to be worked on is not necessarily always present in the UI during development.

During this advanced Storyboard user training session, we will cover how to preview animations at a specific start state, combining animations together into a Design State, and different ways to edit GUI applications within Design States.


This webinar will cover:

  • How the Master Context / State Context button can help speed up the development of complex designs
  • How Design States make it possible to view and work with content that is not visible
  • Previewing animations from a different start state using Design States
  • Different ways content can be edited within Design States
  • How Animations / Design States / Named Data Changes can be converted to one and another

Your storyboard experts

Mike Marchand, Product Architect for Storyboard
Scott Snider, Product Marketing Manager

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