UI designers sweat the details that are often overlooked by others. Details such as graphics, color, fonts, animations, and interactions are integral to ensuring an intuitive embedded application and successful user experience. So why leave the designer behind once development begins? Keeping the designer engaged and giving them the tools they need to stay involved in an iterative development lifecycle ensures a better UI in less time.

Join Crank Software as we discuss the benefits of integrating the designer in the embedded development cycle, and demonstrate features in Storyboard Suite—our graphical user interface development software—that support the needs of the entire team.

See Storyboard Suite demos that showcase how to:

  • Fast-track the design process by importing artwork created in Photoshop
  • Test and iterate quickly and easily with in-tool simulation and Photoshop re-import

  • Bring embedded UIs to life with features that allow you to create, edit, and review animations directly in the tool

  • Add dimension to your designs and easily integrate FBX and OBJ 3D models

  • Bring the designers and developers together with collaboration tools that allow them to create a cohesive end product that represents the best of the skills of the entire team