Building Stunning Graphical User Interfaces for High-Performance Applications with Storyboard Suite and STMicroelectronics

Crank Storyboard Suite provides embedded application designers and developers with a simple, yet sophisticated environment for building graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for embedded systems. Together with STMicroelectronics, Storyboard Suite helps development teams deliver high-performance applications with real-time capabilities for low‑power, low‑voltage devices.

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Demos of Storyboard Suite on STMicroelectronics

Built with Storyboard, this automotive cluster is running on the ST Accordo 5 infotainment processor.


This Storyboard Suite demo features three applications deployed to an STM32 MCU evaluation board. These applications were created by UI Designers quickly in Storyboard Suite, ensuring an elegant visual design and a rich user experience.

In this demo, we’ve taken advantage of Chrom-ART Accelerator to boost the UI graphics without robbing the core of processing power that can be best utilized for the rest of the application.