Best Practices Using Storyboard - Vol. 1

Choosing the Correct Hardware Platform for Embedded GUI Applications

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We can help you choose the most optimal hardware for your project. When building an application in Storyboard, our embedded GUI application development tool, there are many choices you will face. Hardware capabilities, performance, power requirements, memory types, OS implications, packaging options, platform scalability and interoperability are just some of the considerations you will have to work through in the early stages. This best practices guide will help you make your decision faster. 

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In this best practices guide, you will learn: 
Person building an embedded GUI on a laptop

How to Determine Application Hardware Performance Requirements

One of the first aspects you should address when creating an embedded GUI application with a great user experience is determining if the system being evaluated is powerful enough to render the graphics needed while still performing all the other tasks the embedded system needs. As a first step, it’s generally best to get a feeling for the capabilities of the hardware you’re considering.

Export configurations window in Crank Storyboard

Tips to Estimate Storage Requirements

Understanding the storage requirements of your product will depend on several different aspects. Some of these, like graphical asset space and binary sizes, can be accounted for within Storyboard's Metrics View tool. Other requirements, such as the size of the OS and other system dependencies, need to be accounted for manually to provide an all-encompassing view of the entire embedded system.

Export configurations window in Crank Storyboard
Person using Storyboard to measure hardware performance

Hardware testing techniques

The best way to tell if your embedded GUI works or not is to test it on the actual hardware platform. Storyboard provides tools and visualizations to help you deploy, iterate, and measure performance of your application on hardware.

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