Implementing Graphics in Real-time Industrial HMI Systems with i.MX RT10xx MCUs and Crank Storyboard.

Webinar: 30 minutes

This session with Crank Software demonstrates how their Storyboard Designer paired with NXP's i.MX RT Crossover MCUs enable brilliant GUIs, and learn how the integration of it into the MCUXpresso SDK has made this easier than ever before.

Training Outline
  • Part 1 | MCUXpresso
  • Part 2 | Meet Crank Software Storyboard
  • Part 3 | Create a GUI in less than 10 minutes demo
    • How to import files from a design software.
    • How to add a behavior in the design file.
    • How to export these design files into your embedded software platform.
  • Part 4 | Q&A
What You Will Learn
  • How to use Crank Software Storyboard, integrated in MCUXpresso, to create GUIs with a short development time.
  • With the use of Crank Software you will be able to export your design files, add behaviors to it and export them directly to your embedded hardware.

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