Storyboard Suite and QNX Software Systems Platforms Deliver Beautiful Graphical User Interfaces Efficiently and Without Compromise


Dramatically reduce application GUI development time without sacrificing design quality with Storyboard Suite for QNX Software Systems platforms. Storyboard Suites’s collaborative and intuitive capabilities enable teams to quickly design sophisticated, appealing GUIs for embedded applications.Crank Software Free Storyboard Trial

Demos and Videos of Storyboard Suite on NXP Applications Processors

In this awesome collaboration to develop the UI components for a Bentley, a QNX technology concept car, watch QNX Software Systems and Crank Software deliver in time for CES 2013.


Crank on the QNX Auto Blog

What do you need to keep in mind when designing stunning automotive GUIs to visualize vital data? Crank Software's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jason Clarke, talks about designing digital instrument clusters on the QNX Auto Blog.