Create Prototypes - Quickly and Easily

The ability to rapidly prototype is an integral part of a development process that's become increasingly agile. Validating assumptions of your customer's business needs in the shortest time possible reduces the time you spend developing a solution that's off the mark. A functional prototype allows teams to stop spending time and resources on paths that aren't leading to delivering a focused product, and focus more attention refining a solution that meets the business and technical needs of the customer. Storyboardâ„¢ Suite provides an environment that enables developers and designers to work together in parallel to rapidly create functional prototypes. 

createCreating a prototype that behaves like a hands-on application helps teams visually validate that they are on the right track and leads to a higher level of engagement with stakeholders. Historically, creating high-fidelity prototypes took too much time, and final prototypes couldn't be leveraged to create the end product. Using Storyboard, you can import PSD files from the design team as a foundation for the application, and add animations and interactivity. Without the need to compile the application, you can quickly deliver a functioning prototype without having to delve deep into code. Best of all, the final prototype becomes the foundation for the end product, ensuring that all resources and time aren't wasted.

"We were able to get up and running within a few days, have fully functional prototypes units available within a few months, and have a product ready to launch in record time."


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Design and Develop - In Parallel

design_developDesigners can often feel removed from the development process, but Storyboard removes the technology barriers that separate the workflow between designers and developers. Designers create their designs, engineers develop their code, and the Storyboard Suite speeds the prototyping process, bringing design and code together to create a rich, intuitive user experience. Because the designers and developers can work together in parallel, there's less risk of developers misinterpreting the design intent, or of designers misunderstanding the technology constraints. With a shorter development time and a more collaborative process, Storyboard allows you to deliver beautiful prototypes quickly and with ease.



Update and Iterate - Repeat as Requiredreimport_psd

UI design isn't a linear process. Designs and graphics aren't finalized and locked down after the initial creation. User requirements shift and evolve. Opinions lead to updates. Change is inevitable. Storyboard provides a change-friendly solution to modifying an application with the Photoshop re-import feature, allowing designers and developers to continually improve prototypes in parallel, without negatively impacting existing functionality.


Test and Refine


Following the principles of Lean UX, teams iterate through assumptions and designs. What we think we know at the beginning of a project evolves into something entirely different by the time a product goes to market. Storyboard allows teams to follow agile processes to quickly create prototype iterations to test assumptions. After creating your prototype in Storyboard, you can simulate the application on your desktop to immediately see the changes that were made. Taking hands-on testing a step further, you can export the application and run it on a Android tablet to get a real feel of the UX and verify that the workflow makes sense. When refinements are required, you can easily update the project in Storyboard and re-export the application. Ultimately, this testing and refinement leads to a beautiful final design that meets customer needs.