Experience Storyboard on the

Microchip SAMA5D2


Because seeing is believing

The process of selecting the GUI design software for your embedded system project just got a whole lot easier.

Interact with and see what is possible on the Microchip SAMA5D2 when you design and develop your GUI using Crank Storyboard.

To help you visualize the end-result, we’ve created this package of sample touch screen applications for you to try on your hardware.

Simply download and execute the sample demos on your selected board. 

Interactive Sample Apps Included:


Washing machine


Vitals monitor

Demo Image Specifications:

Board requiredSAMA5D2 Xplained RevA
Operating system: Linux
Resolution: 800 x 480
Rendering: Framebuffer
Display: PDA TM7000
Download size: 167MB

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