Experience Storyboard on the

Embedded Artists i.MX7 Dual CoM

Because seeing is believing

Creating your embedded graphics on your Embedded Artists i.MX 7 Dual just got easier - Download the demo images and flash them straight onto your board

The process of selecting the GUI design software for your embedded system project just got a whole lot easier.

Interact with and see what is possible on the Embedded Artists i.MX7 Dual COM when you design and develop your GUI using Crank Storyboard.

To help you visualize the end-result, we’ve created this package of sample touch screen applications for you to try on your hardware.

Simply download and execute the sample demos on your selected board.

Interactive Sample Apps Included:


Smart Home



Vitals monitor



Washing machine

Demo Image Specifications:

Board requiredEmbedded Artists i.MX7 Dual COM
Operating system: Linux
Resolution: 800 x 480
Rendering: Linux Framebuffer
DisplayURT 7" capacitive touch
Download size: 173MB

Download our free interactive images now

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