Using Storyboard Suite to Deliver Multi-market Applications Across NXP's Entire Applications Processor Family

Using the winning combination of NXP's high-performance applications processor and Storyboard Suites’s collaborative and intuitive capabilities, development teams can quickly design sophisticated, appealing GUIs for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. NXP customers can get robust UIs for their multi-market devices, taking advantage of Storyboard’s collaborative process and short development time.Crank Software Free Storyboard TrialStoryboard Suite is scalable across the breadth of NXP’s application processors, from MCUs to the rich i.MX 6 Series, so regardless of the choice of the customer, Storyboard Suite can be used to create the UI.


Bringing IoT Home with Storyboard Suite and NXP

The Crank and NXP teams collaborated to deliver a solid user experience and stunning, intuitive visuals for the FTF 2015 connected home. Using Crank Storyboard Suite, the teams were able to design a GUI that could provide home owners the ability to manage temperature, monitor and control security, maximize energy savings, and control lights and appliances. Watch this video that takes you on a tour through the connected home application from FTF 2015.

Demos and Videos of Storyboard Suite on NXP Applications Processors

This home automation demo showcases Storyboard Suite on the i.MX 6SoloX applications processor, which provides customers with a powerful platform to create rich user interfaces for their embedded devices.

Events & Webinars


Check out the Crank Software & NXP on-demand webinar. See a Storyboard Suite application through the lifecycle, from idea to design to development to minutes.