With Storyboard Suite and ITTIA DB SQL, Data is Elegantly Interfaced, Managed, and Connected

 ITTIA DB SQL and Crank Storyboard Suite enable designers and developers to collaborate both technically and artistically. With tools to manage and display embedded data, manufacturers of embedded systems and IoT devices save tremendous development time and cost. Applications can continuously collect information, perform analysis, and present the results on a local touchscreen through a dynamic, responsive interface. Built-in support for multitasking, Lua scripting, high availability, and standard SQL queries make ITTIA DB SQL and Crank Storyboard Suite an effective combination.



Products built with ITTIA DB SQL and Storyboard Suite are fast and scalable, and run on modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, INTEGRITY, QNX, Nucleus, and VxWorks – even with a custom file system and without an operating system. ITTIA DB SQL is cross-platform and applications embedded with it run on ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, x86 and desired custom hardware platforms. This provides design teams with the freedom of choice to build the applications they need with first-class tools and the confidence that data access will be safely and efficiently managed.

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Videos and Demos

Crank and ITTIA worked closely together to develop the UI components for a Driverless Taxi demo. In this automotive demo, the IoT data is managed by ITTIA DB SQL Embedded and Mobile Editions. Check it out!