Deliver UIs fast on resource-constrained hardware

Manufacturers of industrial devices strive to deliver high-quality graphical displays to their customers, requiring functional and intuitive user interfaces (UI) while meeting power and heat efficiency requirements. With the explosive growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), comes new opportunties for innovation and revenue, while introducing challenges to build UIs that simplify interactions with connected sensors and systems.

Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite is the only user interface (UI) development platform that connects designers and developers together, treating them as equals to create beautiful, intuitive interfaces without sacrificing resources, performance, or portability. 

Success story: Parker Hannifin Electronic Controls


To create a new family of HMI displays for material handling electronic controls, Parker relied on Storyboard Suite to quickly move from prototype to production.






Accenture estimates the Industrial Internet of Things could add US$14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, meaning today's manufacturers must select the right tools to be agile, innovative, and adapt to new and changing platforms.

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How is industrial UX development different? 

industrial2_cropIndustrial users, such as manufacturing operations, oil & gas, shipping, food, and pharmaceuticals, face several challenges: leveraging the investment R&D has made in the development of displays across numerous product offerings; reducing the development cycle and bill of materials (BOM) to cut costs; and providing customers with intuitive user experiences (UX) that deliver upon their goal of increasing productivity. The IIoT introduces additional complexity, as more streams of data and connected controls must be managed by a user experience that's as intuitive and beautiful as a user expects from their mobile phone.




“We often have to spend so much time explaining our issues to vendors, but we really appreciate how quickly you 'get it'. We really have an appreciation for how well you know your product and the myriad of devices it works with.”
- Michael Coyne, software developer, Parker Hannifin Canada


How Storyboard Suite helpsindustrial1_crop 

Storyboard Suite consists of two modules that optimize workflow between the UI designer and embedded software developer, allowing them to work in parallel to create the best user experience on top of highly optimized and performing applications. Using a WYSIWYG environment, the whole team gets a real-time display of what the final product looks like and how it behaves, from prototyping to production.

  • Import directly from Adobe Photoshop, with layer order and naming preserved
  • Animate objects easily with built-in animation timeline
  • Add behavior to graphics quickly, without having to write code
  • Deliver rich 3D graphics with support for Autodesk FBX, OBJ, and OpenGL ES
  • Enforce clean architectural separation between UI and application
  • Support scale at any level, across a wide range of MCUs and MPUs

Overcome UI development challenges 

Purpose-built to reduce the frustrations, delays, and costs associated with industrial UI development, Storyboard Suite enables designers and developers to do what they do best, allowing them to work together while supporting role-specific tools and languages. The end result is the best possible interface, whether it's a single-screen control or multi-panel instrumentation. All delivered in record times and supporting many different platforms.

  • Iterate designs seamlessly with re-import and graphical compare tool
  • Validate results immediately on built-in simulator or real hardware
  • OS-agnostic Storyboard Engine supports any hardware your OS supports
  • Achieve 30 frames per second on resource-constrained hardware
  • Portable across your entire portfolio - build once and deploy anywhere 


Crank Software Free Storyboard Trial