Create optimized GUIs for embedded devices in minutes

Import your design, add code, refine behavior and see your app on any platform.


Build high-performance GUIs that scale on all platforms

Consumers today expect touchscreen products that not only look sleek but are intuitive, fast, and responsive - just like their smartphones. Storyboard gives you all the capabilities you need to turn your vision into a high-performance embedded product. All at your fingertips.

Storyboard was created for embedded developers by embedded developers, to give them back the power to create the touchscreen GUI experiences that today's consumers demand, within an environment that accelerates development, embraces design change, and maximizes UI flexibility.



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Storyboard Capabilities

Experience GUI development to target deployment fast. From Photoshop design to embedded application in minutes, Storyboard makes it easier for product teams to rapidly create optimized GUIs for embedded devices.

Import Design Content

Import your UI graphics content from design tools like Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator.

Add Animations

Capture movement and motions in a click with Animation Record and the Animation Timeline features.

Manage Iterations

Be in control of changes with Compare & Merge and collaborate in a parallel workflow for iteration without code disruption.

Test & Validate

Validate your prototype functionality with the Storyboard Simulator or directly on your target hardware device.

Debug & Optimize

Get actionable insight into your application data to help make better decisions as you build out your project.

Be Platform-Agnostic

Have the freedom to create GUIs that scale across markets and embedded targets.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your overall costs with a smaller footprint and reusable GUI components for other products and devices.

Boost Innovation

Validate designs earlier and get to market faster so you can focus on your next award-winning idea.


The world’s most innovative companies use Storyboard

With 25+ years of expertise in embedded applications development, brands like Coca-Cola, John Deere, and GE Appliances, rely on Crank for bridging the gap between vision and exceptional user experience.



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500+ clients and partners.
"In the past, adding features to our UIs was time-consuming and could cost up to $100,000 per iteration. Now with Storyboard, we're able to add features more frequently and incorporate design feedback faster because of its design flexibility."
Chief Engineer of Innovation
Industry Leading Manufacturing Company

Turn artwork into an app fast

Create your UI graphics in Photoshop, Sketch, or Illustrator, and import into Storyboard with a couple of clicks. You’ll see your designs turn into an animated interface in seconds.


Bring designs to life with motion

Build embedded products that your customers want to experience. Create 2D/3D animations, add screen transitions, and refine UI movements with easy-to-use animation tools and code within Storyboard.


Simulate on desktop and on target

No hardware yet? No problem. Storyboard's built-in Simulator provides instant validation of how your development is progressing. That way you'll be able to test, debug, and optimize until you feel confident and ready to deploy your prototype or completed project.

Before Crank Software and Storyboard, our embedded UI development time on average took 12 months to complete. Now it takes us 5 to 6 months to get projects done. If we had chosen a different route, I don’t know where we would be today.
Electronics Engineering Manager

Work smarter with Storyboard

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