Execute your  UI vision without compromising performance

One unifying framework, fewer feedback loops, and faster iterations for modern embedded GUI development.



Top UX-led brands rely on Storyboard

With over 25 years of expertise in embedded GUI development, brands like Zepp Health, John Deere, Coca-Cola, and Vorwerk (the ThermomixTM) rely on Storyboard to develop a top UX on any device, with minimal programming effort.

Bring embedded GUI designs to life within an IDE built for productivity


Boost your graphical user interfaces (GUI) development experience with an award-winning cross-platform framework designed for design-lead development.

StoryboardTM allows UI/UX designers to bring their designs from Photoshop, Sketch, etc to life with sophisticated animated and prototyping tools. Our unified design and development tools allow developers to work simultaneously with designers, to turn design iterations into responsive and intuitive prototypes and into the final product - just as it was designed.

The result is a UX based on a rich, high-performance GUI - even on resource-constrained MCUs.

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The ultimate in sophisticated UX and performance with less programming effort.

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Storyboard capabilities

pencil-ruler-light Import graphics, Figma, PSD files, or Sketch documents directly with layers and names preserved
film-light Add animation to objects easily with built-in animation timeline
repeat-alt (1) Manage Iterations in a collaborative and parallel workflow without code disruption
tachometer-alt-fastest (1) Automate Test & Validation of your prototype functionality with Validator

Import content 

Import your GUI graphics content from design tools like Figma, Photoshop and Sketch, or work natively in Storyboard.

Add animations 

Capture movement and motions in a click with Animation Record and Animation Timeline features.

Manage iterations ▸

Be in control of changes with Compare & Merge and collaborate in a parallel workflow for iteration without code disruption.

Test & validate ▸

Validate your prototype functionality with the Storyboard Simulator or directly on your target hardware device.

Debug & optimize 

Get actionable insights into your GUI application data to help make better decisions as you build out your project.

All hardware & OS options 

Have the freedom to create GUIs that scale across markets and embedded targets.

Reduce costs ▸

Reduce your overall costs with a smaller footprint and reusable GUI components for other products and devices.

Boost innovation 

Validate designs earlier and get to market faster so you can focus on your next award-winning idea.

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Zepp Health Amazfit GTR3 smartwatch - powered by Storyboard and ZeppOS - SMALL


Storyboard is proven to help embedded teams develop sophisticated, power-efficient GUI  delivering high-quality user experience (UX) while meeting strict power and resource constraints.


Smart Home

The future looks bright for Smart Home technology. From lighting, to temperature control, to keeping our families safe, create interfaces that families interact with daily. 



From portable ventilators to wearable health tech, our Storyboard embedded GUI development framework helps you create sophisticated medical UX.


Industrial HMI

Using the Storyboard collaborative workflow allows your team to create industrial user interfaces that are as innovative, refined, and reliable as they are high-performance and mission-critical. 



From fine-tuned digital instrument clusters to engaging infotainment screens, Storyboard enables you to drive excellence in automotive design. 



Stay on top of the rapidly evolving appliance market. From kitchen to laundry room, develop products that make day-to-day life tasks a little less mundane, and a lot more beautiful.