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Import your design, add code, optimize performance, and run your GUI on any platform




Build distinctive GUIs that consumers crave

Consumers today expect embedded products that are intuitive, fast, and responsive — just like smartphones. Our Storyboard embedded GUI development framework helps turn your vision into a high-performance user experience.

Using Sketch, Photoshop, or Storyboard-native designs, you go from concept to runtime application in minutes. Supporting any MCU or MPU, Storyboard makes it easy for designers and developers to embrace design changes, minimize hardware footprint, and deliver sophisticated UX faster than ever before.

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The world uses Storyboard

With over 25 years of expertise in embedded GUI development, brands like Coca-Cola, John Deere, and Vorwerk rely on Crank to bridge the gap between UX vision and customer expectations.



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Ventec Life Systems testimonial
We’re constantly innovating, and Storyboard lets us tweak the graphics and optimize the animations with great ease, with minimal impact on our product development cycles. In fact, our users often comment on how much they like the touch screen interface and how quick and easy it is to set up.
Michael Holmes
Senior Software Engineer, Ventec Life Systems
The certainties Crank showed about Storyboard-built GUI apps — their small RAM footprint and low power consumption — were important factors in its selection for the Dash.
James Stemper
Director of Program Management, Stages Cycling
“We chose Crank Software and Storyboard because they support all hardware platforms, they're affordable, and their profitability year after year shows they're not going anywhere."
Chief Engineer of Innovation

Rapidly turn artwork into apps

With only a few clicks, transform your Sketch, Photoshop, or Illustrator designs into animated, sophisticated interfaces. Or design your own GUIs from scratch right within Storyboard.


Bring energy to your UX

Create 2D and 3D animations, add dynamic screen transitions, and refine GUI behavior with easy-to-use tools and flexible coding options.


Run confidently, scale easily

Everything inside Storyboard is optimized for performance and designed to scale. Whether on MCU or MPU, or porting between platforms, count on our streamlined architecture and lean runtimes to deliver exceptional experiences across your product line.