Application and User Interface Tester

Crank Software is looking for test developers to help us improve the user experience of Storyboard Suite customer projects. Storyboard Suite is an ambitious product designed to bridge the gap between graphic designers and embedded software engineers and is used to build cutting-edge user interfaces for a wide variety of applications and hardware. We want you to help us create the best possible experience across the board, for both the designers and developers working with Storyboard Suite and the customers who eventually interact with the applications.

Summary of role

Are you interested in helping to build the next generation embedded user interface design environment?

Your test adventures will involve working in the following areas of the Storyboard Suite product: 

  • Storyboard Designer, written in Java and based on Eclipse, is an application design environment targeted at graphic designers to allow them to create compelling user interfaces directly from artwork created in tools such as Photoshop.
  • Storyboard Engine, written in C, is the graphics engine specifically configured for embedded systems (Linux, QNX, WinCE, FreeRTOS, and others) to work with a wide variety of graphics rendering technology ranging from OpenGL and OpenVG to a pure software rendering library.
  • Customer Applications are user interface applications that are written using Storyboard Designer and involve working with the Lua scripting language and embedded target platforms, such as Linux.

We are looking for candidates that are interested in any or all of these areas. Specifically, we think that the following set of skills and experience will be valuable in this role:

  • Experience with scripting languages like Python or Javascript. You will be working with Lua script to help automate manual testing scenarios and with Python for our product test infrastructure. Google “buildbot”.
  • Interest in working with graphics and user interfaces. Familiarity with graphic design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, or After Effects can provide great insight into usability.
  • Analytical and organized! You understand how to take an enormous pile of work, sort dependencies, and prioritize your efforts for maximum value. As a software developer, you understand what DRY means and use it for maximum impact.
  • Enthusiasm and an interest and desire to make products better. Candidates will be working directly with both Crank and customer products, evaluating their quality and assessing their performance. What we build should be awesome, not adequate.

If you want to try out Storyboard Suite first hand, download an evaluation and see what it's all about: 




If you don’t have time to download a trial but want to get a quick idea of the awesomeness that can be built using Storyboard, you can binge-watch your way through our video library or YouTube channel.


Why you should consider this opportunity

If you have ever wanted a chance to make a real and tangible impact on a product that is used to develop user interfaces ranging from thermostats and ovens to digital car dashboards and medical patient ventilators, this is a great opportunity to do all that...and more!

Interested? Send your resume to and reference "Application and User Interface Tester" in the subject line.